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Abrahamius On Softonic since June 2009

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"Excellent CD / DVD Emulation Software "

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I bought a netbook and as it doesn't have DVD-ROM it was troublesome for me to work with discs.

I didn't want to buy an external drive 'cause it's not really comfortable, especially on the go. On my opinion, it's better to create one or several virtual drives and use disc images instead. So I've chosen DAEMON Tools Lite as a DVD emulator.

I don't need lots of virtual drives so 4 ones are more than enough for me. It's like a CD-changer in use.

I can run virtual discs as if the original disc was inserted. DAEMON Tools Lite also great for making images or using existing ones that were grabbed by other programs. It's very convenient.

DAEMON Tools is a handy little app, that is free, really easy to use, resource friendly and it works on Windows 7!

So I’m a happy netbook owner who have DVD drive now :)

  • simple to use for beginners
  • test an image before burning

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26 Jun 2009

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  1. An excellent virtual CD/DVD drive emulator